Music Therapy Samples: Irregular Joe’s The Mezzanine Show 009

Hi everyone,

Today’s music therapy sample comes from the family, with The Mezzanine Show from Irregular Joe.

A very cool show with a plethora of electronic genres with many influences, and Joe really puts it all together. I have no idea what the intro sample is from, but it is awesome. One of the recent shows had Joe doing a dark interpretation and reading of The Owl and The Pussycat that didn’t seem far fetched at all. Wild. That damn runcible spoon. ***Edit 3/30: Apparently this rendition of this tale is by comedian Stewart Lee.

This installation of The Mezzanine Show feels quite vibe-y with a chill start from DJ Shadow, then a trippy Bonobo track that makes me feel like I’m on the beach at Shambhala. It’s exactly the kind of show I would have studied to, cleaned to, or lived my general old life to. Now it’s music and tolerance therapy. The variety of music in here helps make it an ideal tolerance mix, as different sounds can trigger/add different amounts and types of pain to my baseline. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, CRPS is fucking weird.

You may notice that you have been directed to before, with Music Therapy Samples: Coffee And Memes #051. It’s an online radio station that was created by High Rankin. You can listen right off their page, or there’s the app as well.


Without further ado, here is The Mezzanine Show 009 – Throw Enough Tunes At Them And Something Will Stick.


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