Music Therapy Samples: Coffee And Memes #051

Hi everyone,

Today my music therapy sample is a great and weird drum n bass radio show from High Rankin. I love good dnb, and I love a good dick joke. This is truly the best of both worlds. Coffee And Memes is a live-streamed show that happens at 10 am UK time, Monday to Friday. You can access all of the past shows via YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and more.

It used to hurt me to laugh sometimes. I don’t mean the full belly laugh that could make a regular person feel winded, I mean a gentle guffaw leaving me in tears. Yep, even laughing can elevate my pain. It’s not an extreme of a reaction these days, but a good laugh can still leave me messed up. This music therapy sample helps me with desensitizing myself to bass, and desensitizing myself to pain because of laughter.

Please be aware, there is some real appropriately inappropriate banter within. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you’re shocked when the chat shifts to sex robots. *shrug*

If you want a “cleaner” show with the same quality dnb, try Rankin’s Records.


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