Education and Awareness Information

This document is one I prepared initially for a Students’ Colloquium in February 2016, where a friend of mine presented this to my former peers to try and raise awareness of CRPS. I realized that at my former university, I am surrounded by the next generation of scientists, researchers, health professionals, doctors, administrators, and so on. As a result, this document is almost entirely based on the scientific literature available for CRPS. I do update this as much as possible, to include research I think is important, or that I think addresses an aspect of the condition left unaddressed previously.

Please read through this document if you are looking for a simplified summary, as well as the chance to expand on your own! As I mentioned, its intended audience initially were General Science/ Health Science/ Cellular Molecular Biology majors at Mount Royal University. If you find the document is a bit too heavy on the science side for you, or someone you would like to share this with, please contact me for a more accessible format.

Education and Awareness document