For the love of Dog(s)

Hi everyone!

Be prepared for all the cute you are about to experience…

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Accessible Kananaskis Adventure

Hello everyone!

I had the immense privilege of a 2 night trip into the Kananaskis with my father (Big Al), and the dogs recently. We stayed at the William Watson Lodge, an accessible way to experience Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. There are cabins, campsites, a hut, a trailer, over 20 kilometers of paved walking paths, and picnic sites. They are all accessible! I was able to go for one big wheel down a ramp to a lookout, and back up again. That was my main adventure but I will be back to the Lodge again for more…Read More »

The World We Live In

Once again, it’s been a while.

A few things are happening that contributed to my lack of posts in the last month or so.

It’s really two things: medication changes, and the state of the world today. I can’t be the only one who works through emotions on a daily basis, hearing about the lives of people across the globe. I am privileged in a plethora of ways. The vast majority of world issues do not affect me directly, I am very aware of my privileges in that sense. Unless you have a giant pair of horse blinders connected to rose coloured glasses, I think it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by the world we live in…

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Saying Goodbye to My BSc.

Before this new and different life of mine, I was studying for my Bachelor of Science (BSc.). I was lucky enough that I fell in love with my Cellular Molecular Biology major.

Before I developed CRPS, I was a regular student worrying about my grades, and trying to figure out my next step.

I know the education I was receiving was a privilege in many ways. Now I know that studying for my BSc. was a physical privilege as well. A physical privilege that I no longer have.

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660 News Coverage on CRPS and Chronic Pain in Alberta

A wonderful ally of the chronic pain community approached me about doing an interview on chronic pain, after I had posted yet another update on Facebook detailing my struggles. I am ecstatic to see Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and the chronic pain problem in Alberta getting press. I hope this leads to more.

Kendra Fowler, of 660 News reports, “Chronic pain sufferer to appeal for help from MLA”.Read Kendra Fowler’s article HERE.

You can also access the clips from the radio report:

Kendra Fowler interviewing Zara Pickel, Clip 1

Kendra Fowler interviewing Zara Pickel, Clip 2

Kendra Fowler interviewing Zara Pickel, Clip 3

Thank you all for reading, listening, and sharing!

Zara ❤


Privilege Head Count

I often think about the role privilege plays in these chronic diseases and conditions. I am very fortunate to be in a position where I can have my complete health as both a goal, and a 24/7 job. So, I thought I would take the time to count all of my privileges and reflect on some “what ifs” of where I would be without them…Read More »