Music Therapy Samples: Shy FX

Hi everyone,

Since I haven’t posted in a long time, a quick note first. I hope you are surviving the last month of this year. I know that many people did not have the privilege of surviving 2020, and I’m sorry for the loss of your loved ones. ❤

I miss the type of bass that rattles through you in waves like a concerningly close thunder clap. This is my replacement for now. Shy FX is one of the OGs of drum n bass, and jungle. Shy FX also has a new partnership with Spotify for track ID, curated playlists. In 1994, BBC2 created a documentary called “Jungle Fever,” which features commentary from many regulars in the scene, including Shy FX. He is also responsible for one of the most iconic jungle tracks EVER. Original Nuttah stands alone, even in its 26th year of life.

I invite you to enjoy this mix and escape real life for 30 minutes. Boh! Boh!

Without further ado, may I present to you Shy FX with his Honey I Shrunk The Rave Mix for Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 Show.

Rare Disease Day 2020

Hi everyone!

Once again we come to the last day of February- Rare Disease Day. This year it falls on February 29th, which is especially fitting.

Rare diseases/ disorders affect over 300 million people worldwide. In Canada, 1 in 12 is affected by a rare disorder. Each of these disorders is rare, but as a group they certainly aren’t. Three million Canadians are affected, and of course many more when you think about their loved ones and their support system. The Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders is a good place to start if you are trying to learn more about Canadian support and information.

Please check out my post from Rare Disease Day 2018, there is lots of good information on there about the movement, and some examples of rare diseases/ disorders.

I never thought I would be part of this club, and all I want is no new enrollment. Learning is the first step!

Review: Cup of Te

Hi everyone!

I recently found out about a Canadian loose leaf tea company called Cup of Te. Cup of Te is run by Taylor Lindsay-Noel, who started the company with quality, sustainability, and ethics in mind. Taylor used to be a gymnast- a Canadian national team member. Taylor had to re-examine everything after an accident left her with a cervical spinal cord injury.

I like it when a product has an idea behind it. I like it even more when I can connect with the person behind the product. After the order went through, Taylor sent me an email personally thanking me for my purchase. She also made sure to let me know I could contact her at any time with questions.

Now for the products. I purchased an infuser cup and four teas; Cha Cha Chai, Cream of Earl Grey, London Calling, and Golden Citrus. The infuser cup is great, I have no idea why I was using a tea ball with such huge holes. This tool definitely improved my tea game.

The chai (Cha Cha Chai) is quite gingery, which is great for my mom. I personally like a bit more cardamom in mine, but if you are crazy for ginger chai this one is for you. I still enjoy it, but it isn’t my ideal cup of chai. I would not repurchase this blend for me.

London Calling is a black tea in the English breakfast style, with some vanilla in it. London Calling is pretty strong, which is great for the morning. I find that I don’t have to use as much loose leaf with this varietal because it is so strong. I believe that would make this tea a great value, since you don’t need as much for each cup. It doesn’t seem to get bitter though, which is awesome. I would repurchase this blend.

The Cream of Earl Grey is one of my favourites. I love Earl Grey in general with its bergamont flavour, but the addition of corn flowers here makes it extra creamy in a special way. This tea is sort of a medium strength, not weak, not very strong. For a tea with caffeine in it, it’s a pretty relaxed experience. I would repurchase this blend.

Golden Citrus is a herbal blend with turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, lemon, and orange. I usually don’t care much for herbal teas, but this one provides a real experience. The different aromatics feel great on the sinuses, and the flavour is quite nice. This blend also has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the circumin in the turmeric, and the ginger. Even though the hot tea is great, the cold tea is amazing. This is great at either temperature. I would repurchase this blend.

Compared to some major loose leaf tea retailers, the tea is more expensive. Compared to other artisanal loose leaf tea, it’s about on par. There are sales on several times a year so keep your eyes out! I believe there is a 30% off coupon for Black Friday right now.

Cup of Te also donates $1 from each of their starter kits to The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital.

Overall I’m quite pleased with my purchase, and I would re-purchase 3 out of 4 teas. I really like the personal touch Taylor puts on her products, and I think these would make great gifts. Taylor’s products are quite a luxurious experience, from the branded box and tissue paper, to the streamlined packaging, to the thank you card with Taylor’s story and her beautiful smile on it.

If you are looking for a nice gift for a tea lover, I would encourage you to check out Cup of Te!

Here are some more links if you want to learn more about Taylor. I think she is a bad ass with a resilience, kindness, positivity, and perseverance that is rare on this earth.

Our Story from Cup of Te, where Taylor introduces herself

Taylor’s Twitter

Taylor’s Instagram

Taylor’s Facebook

Taylor on the Jake Nicolle Podcast

An article about the lack of support Taylor received from Gymnastics Canada following her injury.

An interview with Taylor where she talks about her injury, the pressure she was under that got her there, and how she found new passions.

*Disclaimer: All of the opinions here are my own, and have not been influenced by quid pro quo in any way. I did not receive any commission for this post, I did not receive any PR, and I paid for my order. This is all my honest opinion, and if there is ever a conflict of interest I will list it in a disclaimer. 🙂





Music Therapy Samples: Chase & Status feat. Kabaka Pyramid – Murder Music

Hey everyone.

I’ve posted about Kabaka Pyramid before, as part of the Green Lion Crew collective.

Kabaka Pyramid has quite the musical biography, and has performed internationally for years. He has quite the stage presence. Chase & Status are also legends in their genre. The artist link up for this jungle track is perfect.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Chase & Status feat. Kabaka Pyramid- Murder Music.

More Gymnastics

Hello everyone!

As you may know I’ve been watching a lot of gymnastics this year. USA’s National Championships just happened and there were some amazing moments. Please enjoy a few of my favourites.

Trinity Thomas’ floor routine- she hits a Biles, a move that only one gymnast (Simone Biles) has performed before in competition. Trinity is such an incredible performer, and she just flies across the floor. She currently competes in NCAA for the University of Florida. You can see the “Gator Chomp” in her routine.

Simone Biles made history. Twice. Actually, more than twice. On beam, Simone competed a double twisting double back dismount, and on floor she hit a triple twisting double tuck. That is a lot of groundbreaking flipping and twisting. Simone is the first woman to successfully compete these skills. She also won her 6th national all-around title, which blows some other record as well. Nice, Simone.


I really enjoyed watching Mykayla Skinner prove that a come back is possible, and she got me. Mykayla has been competing in the NCAA for 3 years, and only returned to elite training over two months ago. I’m sure there are people out there who know more than me on this topic, but I dare say this is the quickest elite comeback ever. Also the Instagram post about her and Simone being the grandmas of gymnastics and hitting double double bars dismounts is awesome.

There are a bunch of other amazing athletes that showed up this weekend. Donnell Whittenburg did some great work, and was rewarded by making the National Team.

Yul Moldauer had some great stuff, too. Check out this vault.



Anyway, just some moments that I enjoyed! I hope you enjoy them, too. These athletes are incredible, and the feats they pull off are legendary.