A Little Ocean Dip

Hey there, everyone!

I recently had the privilege of visiting the Pacific Ocean via Newport Beach. That was really cool. I’ve been to the ocean a decent number of times before, but this time was different.

I was able to handle the wind. I was able to walk to the water, through the soft sand and then the oobleck sand. I was able to approach the water, and stick my regular foot in it.

It was absolutely lovely. It was a testament to all the progress I’ve made, and of progress to come. It has to be.


The Ocean ❤ 



Music Therapy Samples: Sublime

Hi everyone.

It’s been a little while. In my other life, we had parties every weekend one winter, and Sublime was the soundtrack. Any of their songs, any order, any number of replays.

I lost a dear friend recently. So this music therapy is a sample that makes me think of those gatherings we had. It’s just one track, but we listened to Sublime’s entire catalogue that winter.



Birthday Rant

Hello, everyone.

Here are some thoughts I forgot to publish on my birthday last month. I maybe thought this rant was going to have more thoughts and be better formed, but never mind that. So, here’s what I was thinking about on my birthday.

Today is my 28th birthday. I am conflicted, because I know I should use this day to mark how grateful I am for my life and those in it. However, I find myself trying to ignore the fact it’s my birthday because it’s been too many years since I enjoyed it.

The excitement and exhaustion, the privilege and perseverance, the strength and stress.

I used to be bedridden. Then housebound became the best way to describe my tolerated level of activity. Now I tell people that I need to rest a lot, because bedridden and housebound don’t properly describe my state any more. I’m very grateful for this progress.

But I can be grateful for the progress I’ve made and be impatient to improve quicker. Human emotions are weird swirling clouds of conflict for our brains to contend with. Or something.

Keep calm and bullshit on.

Music Therapy Samples: Taal Mala @ Basscoast 2017

Happy New Year, everybody!

Today’s music therapy sample is from Taal Mala, and he can put on a real show. He’s been described as “one of Vancouver’s bass music heroes,” and that’s about right.

This is his set from Basscoast, a phenomenal display of music, art, and performance held annually in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Basscoast is famous for its intimate community vibe, inclusivity, and the world-class talent they attract. Also, it was founded by two bad ass women (Andrea Graham, and Liz Thomson) so I thought that should be mentioned. Hopefully I can go to this one day! They do have an accessibility initiative, so theoretically it is possible once I can handle the massive bass vibrations…goals.

Taal Mala throws an old favourite of mine down here, Go Hard by Wayne Marshall, Vybz Cartel, and Damien Marley. This whole mix makes me excited, and gives me happy flashbacks of a different time when I would be dancing to this. Grinding to this, doing a dutty wine to this. Once again, goals.

Before more random thoughts pop into my head, here is Taal Mala’s Live at Basscoast 2017 set.


Music Therapy Samples: Kahn Dancehall Mix

Hi everyone!

Here is today’s music therapy sample. Good reggae, good dancehall, good mix, good DJ. Everything you need, really. Some nice beats to bop to on my unbirthday today. Lots of feelings about my birthday this year, so today is just any other Thursday. Maybe I’ll write more about that later.

Without further ado, here is Kahn‘s Dancehall Mix.


Music Therapy Samples: Rankin’s Records

Hi everyone!

Today’s music therapy sample is from High Rankin. He has many radio shows including Rankin’s Records, Rankin and Friends, and my new favourite tongue-in-cheek morning show, Coffee And Memes.

In this show, High Rankin chats as he plays absolute bangers from his collection. A personal favourite, Dillinja‘s This Is A Warning, starts at 33:34. Honestly, this whole show is incredible so you can’t go wrong with any of the tracks played.

Listening to thumpy music like drum n bass can be really rough, but I still love it. I’ll just say that dnb is more likely to add to my pain versus something calm with less bass (essentially nearly all other genres of music). This makes dnb ideal for desensitization therapy, since sound and vibrations are pain triggers. It’s interesting that what makes it painful and difficult also makes it ideal for progress. I’m grateful that I can actually listen to music again because I couldn’t for a long time, but yes, CRPS is weird.

I present to you, Rankin’s Records 009 – Tape Packs and Bong Mix.


Music Therapy Samples: Rough Road Riddim

Hey everyone!

For my music sample therapy today, I’ve picked this quick little mix, it’s actually less than 10 minutes long. The quality is top notch though. I found out about the Green Lion Crew at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in 2011. Green Lion himself is a producer and DJ, and he works with other artists to create the incredible sounds you’ll hear in this mix. Other artists on this include Kabaka Pyramid, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Chronixx, Zamunda, Cronsyncro, and Dre Island.

You know how some days are just emotional for whatever reason? Even a dog video will make me well up today. Some days are just meant for a release of those pent up emotions, I suppose. This music therapy sample makes a lot of sense for me today. I have a real connection to Green Lion’s sound so it’s emotion on emotion it seems. Do whatever you need to do today to move forward tomorrow. I’m trying and that’s what matters.

I now present to you Green Lion Crew’s Rough Road Riddim Mega Mix.

“Life is a privilege so don’t lose it”