The Power of Visualization

Hey everyone!

Visualization is powerful. It’s a technique I learned in high school as a way to go over dance choreography for performances. Now I use visualization to keep my brain moving when my body isn’t sure it can follow.

I see myself dancing. I think about dancing, and how privileged I was to do it for years. I think about dancing in a desert landscape with nobody around except a massive sound rig on an art car. Sometimes people are there, but it’s not about other people. It’s about me dancing, feeling movement, and enjoying the hell out of it. Since I can listen to music as much as I want now, I can really transport myself somewhere else to dance. Visualizing myself dancing can be amazing, it can also get really sad all of a sudden. I believe I will do it again, but it’s hard to be patient when I can’t move the way I want unless it’s in my mind. It takes a lot of energy to force the sadness out when it interrupts my “dancing time,” but the more I force it out the less energy it will eventually take.

I’m grateful to have amazing memories to pull scenes from to complete my visualizations. Today the music is reggae and dancehall, and the scene is a Black Rock desert sunrise.

You are welcome to join me ❤

ART: Heartfullness by Katy Boynton


Cannabis and CRPS

Hello everyone.

I wanted to take some time to write about my experience with medical cannabis. My friends often ask me if I use cannabis for pain, and if it’s effective. So get ready for loads of thoughts, feelings, science, law, debate, and maybe even magic or something.

I’ve been writing this for a while, because there are many facets of cannabis. I have a lot of ideas, a lot of opinions, and there is a lot of new data available due to its changing status across the globe. Thanks for your patience!

*Disclaimer: Medical cannabis is legal where I live. I understand that in some places cannabis is illegal even if it is for medicinal purposes. I am truly sorry if the laws in your place of residence rule out cannabis as an option for you, and I hope for their amendment. The opinions expressed in this piece are my own and a direct result of my experiences. Cannabis is not an appropriate therapy for everyone. OK, carry on…

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CRPS – A Patient Perspective

Hi everyone,

I believe I shared this when it came out but I’m not sure what platform it was!

Fred is an Australian man living with CRPS who wants to spread awareness to the world. In his video series “CRPS – A Patients Perspective,” Fred interviews people from around the world to create a greater understanding of the vast array of experiences that CRPS creates. Fred invited me on for an interview to talk about my life. Here are the links to Fred’s 5-part series.






Thank you for all your work, Fred. Thank you to all of my peers in the video as well, whether we’ve talked or met it doesn’t matter because we’re in this together. Not everyone can talk about this. People shouldn’t be expected to lay out their personal life just so the world can understand. I’m grateful that there are people who are willing to put themselves out there. On a personal note, when I am more open about what I’m going through it does help me to process and try to move forward. A thank you as well to everyone who supports people who are living with CRPS. I am so grateful to my incredibly stacked support team. If you are living with CRPS, or just living in general I hope that you have people in your corner as well.

World MS Day

Hey everyone,

Today is World MS Day. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that attacks the myelin sheath of the brain and spinal cord. The symptoms can vary wildly from patient to patient but can include dizziness, fatigue, vision loss, pain, coordination impairment, cognitive impairment, spasms, and a lot more.

Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world! Remember to be kind, because you never know what someone is dealing with. For 1 in 340 Canadians, that’s MS. This is another condition with no cure, and a clear need for consistent, effective treatments.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

World MS Day