Cerebral Challenge

I hope everyone is having a good day, with lots of spoons and not a lot of pain! Indulge in some unsolicited advice, and take three deep breaths right now. Because, why not? I love deep breathing, and I did it long before I ended up with CRPS.

This is a short post to express what has been going on lately. I have three more weeks to wait before my team doctor appointment at the multidisciplinary clinic. I have had some very polarizing days lately. Definitely some iffy-in-a-bad-way days. It is what it is.

One of my greatest challenges lately has been a big old brain game. The Cerebral Challenge. A mental barrier, or Brain Fog as many know it, is a very real aspect of CRPS that some patients experience. My Brain Fog has been cranked up to 11 lately. The unfortunate thing is this fog has really postponed some important work I volunteered for to help some peers. I usually don’t struggle with words, or putting thoughts together coherently. CRPS isn’t usual though and its effects on me certainly aren’t either.

So I am sorry if I’ve been distant lately, but as I say all too often, it is what it is.



Progress Maybe?

Hello, everyone!

I am happy to report after waiting for many months, that I have been accepted into a multidisciplinary pain program! My first assessment with a doctor is in November, so I hope to be making a solid rehab plan soon.

The timing for this seems to be great, as I have been pretty down lately. I am constantly doing anything in my power to rehab myself. However, without pain control I have really hit a wall. I was nearly in a wheelchair around Christmas, and now I use a cane most of the time. I still need to use a wheelchair sometimes, but it is not my main mobility aid. I could barely put my foot down months ago, and now I walk with that foot all the time. I have made progress by myself, but it has plateaued.

I am still feeling very unsure about the future, but what else is new? This is just a short update because I feel like I have been pretty quiet lately. Also there was a flu and hospital incident, yay!

Hope everyone has a low pain day.