Canadian Veterans’ Medication Slash

Canada’s Veterans Affairs Minister The Honourable Kent Hehr has proposed restricting veterans access to medical marijuana by cutting funding and the amount available in a prescription. In the proposed changes, veterans will be restricted to 3 grams a day compared to 10 grams as well as a cost per gram restriction, maxing out at $8.50/ gram. Medical marijuana purchased under the relatively new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) must be obtained from a Licensed Producer (LP). These LPs charge a maximum of $15/ gram. I personally find these strains to be more efficient, and more therapeutic as they often include the high CBD and high THC strains. [If you aren’t sure about what these components of cannabis mean, check out this pretty decent description of THC vs. CBD.]

So not only is our Minister restricting the amount but also essentially restricting the quality of meds veterans have access to, especially with our current structure of LPs. Please check out my whole post, I have many sources and comments on many different levels of this (currently) Canadian issue…Read More »


Awesome CIB Holiday GIVEAWAY

Hi, everybody!

I joined a network this year, Chronic Illness Bloggers (CIB). The network is for bloggers focused on chronic illness, with 380 bloggers a part of it currently. There are many different chronic illnesses discussed, with many different ideas and viewpoints from wonderful, real people! For someone like me with a rare disease- CRPS, different blogs and community posts have really helped and continue to help me get a handle on things. It really is a community, and the camaraderie is inspiring…Read More »

November is CRPS Awareness Month!

November is upon us! I hope everyone had a fruitful & candyful Halloween, I can’t believe it didn’t snow.

November is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Awareness Month. CRPS is the reason I have been physically disabled for over a year, with no predicted remission in sight. I am very lucky to have a robust, and wonderful support system, as well as a very dark sense of humour that keeps me going. Something I am really looking forward to this month, is Color The World Orange Day, on November 7th. All over the world, landmarks are being illuminated orange on or around November 7th to raise awareness for CRPS. Here in Calgary, the Peace Bridge and Calgary Tower will be orange!

I know this blog has been very slow lately, and I’m sorry for that. I have been doing as much physical rehab as I can on my own, and so this word stuff is coming in at the end of my priorities. I have also been lucky to make some new friends recently. Always awesome!

If you want to find out if a landmark in YOUR CITY will be orange for November 7th, please visit:    This is a long list (yeehaw!), so use Ctrl-F, and type in your city to search the list quickly! There are city halls, bridges, fountains, towers, public art, sculptures, cultural landmarks, and historical landmarks participating. Tour around the website to find signs, press packages, and other items.

Orange is the colour. If you are a very cool-toned person like me (I am also very pale right now), try a headband or something smaller if you want to join in! I hope to see some people on the Bridge on November 7th!

To learn more about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, please visit any of the following sites/ links:  [An excellent website that uses the older name for CRPS, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or RSD. Full of treatment education, testimonials, personal stories, awareness campaigns, and more.]  [A UK-based awareness organization. They also have a Facebook page to follow along on social media.]  [A Canadian organization who helped me connect to some peers, who are now very close friends.]  [A link to a document I prepared for a Biology Students’ Colloquium in early 2016. This is intended for an audience with some type of post-secondary scientific knowledge. If your doctor is having a hard time understanding, this document may be in a format more relatable for them!]

E-mail link for the Calgary CRPS Support Group: