Without Art, Earth is just ‘Eh’!

I am very, very excited about this! I just found an art installation done by Eugenie Lee, a Korean artist who works in mixed media to converse about health, chronic pain, and illness. Lee’s piece was done in collaboration with Body in Mind, a research++ organization from the University of South Australia, and spearheaded by chronic pain expert Lorimer Moseley.

This piece is called McGill Pain Questionnaire, by Eugeine Lee from 2012. Please visit the external link to the artist’s website.

Still photo of McGill Pain Questionnaire

McGill Pain Questionnaire in motion

Art is an amazing way of expressing oneself, and art means something different to everyone. I was always taught that creative outlets could help me express how I feel, and expand how I think about things, while soothing the soul letting my brain dream up whatever. I am so thrilled to find some art pieces about chronic pain, and more specifically with a university and researcher I believe are world class in the ongoing battle against chronic pain.

Now- how do I feel about this piece? Please take a look at it before you read on…Read More »


Great Canadian Waiting Game

Many people in other countries are jealous of our health care system. Justifiably so, as we can get proper care in times of emergency. However, CRPS has opened my eyes to the drawbacks of a system where we focus our resources to meet the needs of the majority of the population. For people with chronic conditions like us, our lack of an integrated system nation-wide (shit, even province-wide would be nice) create issues that can sometimes cause a medical professional to question things you never thought would be in question. I personally saw about a dozen doctors before I was diagnosed. Before I was put on some medications, it wasn’t as much of a problem. When I needed painkillers though, my historical plethora of doctors was called into question consistently. I was lucky to not be called crazy to my face, as many in the undiagnosed stages of this condition are, but I was never sure if anyone believed me fully.

To illustrate how a chronic pain patient such as myself gets put through the ringer of a system to get treatment, please try and follow along…Read More »

One Year Down

One year down, the rest of my natural life to go. It has for the most part been literally, one year down. One year fighting my body for the privileges I absolutely took for granted. Walking, dancing, being pain-free. A year ago I suffered a relatively minor knee sprain, working at a Stampede party tent. The acute injury became a chronic pain cycle, that seemed to be livable until it really wasn’t. My physical decline became steady, as my peers and professors watched me [insert mobility aid here]’d to class, and watched my personality dampen at times, due to the pain. On November 6, 2015, I reached a level of pain I could not fathom, nor control. I went to the local Emergency, and that was the last day I attended university in 2015. My last class was a Molecular Genetics lab, with some wonderful people…Read More »