The Pain I Can’t Ignore

Neuroitch (neuro-itch): a truly infuriating pain sensation comprised of burning, prickling, and an unignorable desire to itch. Actually touching the neuroitch does not improve the sensation, it only worsens it.

Think about what it feels like to have an itch pop up. You have to scratch it. The only way you aren’t going to scratch it is if you physically can’t. Maybe you’re driving and you have one hand on the wheel, one hand on the stick and your foot kicks off. You may yelp a bit out of frustration, but you cannot ignore that itch.

Now imagine that itch doesn’t stop. Imagine the itch makes everything feel like it’s on fire while also being stabbed by hot pokers pricking your skin. Imagine that if you scratch the itch, the itch gets worse exponentially.

Welcome to a day in my life. All I can say is, avoid the neuroitch sensation at all costs. If you feel this as well, you are not alone. I wish nobody on earth felt this sensation because it’s not normal, and it’s not OK. I hope you have never felt this, and I’m sorry if you have.

Happy Thursday.

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