Music Therapy Samples: Metafloor

Hi everyone.

So you may have heard that music is a big part of my life again now that I can listen to it! I am so happy to have that mental escape in music. I am so grateful to have music in my life on a daily basis.

Music is therapy for me in other ways, too. I still have extra sensitivity around sound, so this means much of the music I enjoy does cause me additional physical pain. That’s just the trade off, and on some days certain music (or music at all) isn’t possible because of pain. My desensitization training is basically doing things that suck over and over again until they suck less. Music is therapy here in the sense that over time, different noises trigger me less! The more I listen to music the less it bothers me.

Now, I like a lot of bass-heavy music. Bass is absolutely the hardest class of sounds for me to deal with, but I love what I love! It’s with a feeling of incredible privilege that I reflect upon all the world-class shows I’ve seen. I have very special memories connected to these artists, shows, festivals, and sounds.

Motion Notion 2014 was an awesome year. One of the highlight sets for me was my friend Metafloor at the Pyramidion/ beach stage. I don’t think I stopped dancing, it was absolute fire from start to finish. That was my “old life”.

May I present to you a sample of what I use for music therapy/ general happiness in the present…Metafloor’s Basscoast 2018 set.


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