Music Therapy Samples: Rough Road Riddim

Hey everyone!

For my music sample therapy today, I’ve picked this quick little mix, it’s actually less than 10 minutes long. The quality is top notch though. I found out about the Green Lion Crew at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in 2011. Green Lion himself is a producer and DJ, and he works with other artists to create the incredible sounds you’ll hear in this mix. Other artists on this include Kabaka Pyramid, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Chronixx, Zamunda, Cronsyncro, and Dre Island.

You know how some days are just emotional for whatever reason? Even a dog video will make me well up today. Some days are just meant for a release of those pent up emotions, I suppose. This music therapy sample makes a lot of sense for me today. I have a real connection to Green Lion’s sound so it’s emotion on emotion it seems. Do whatever you need to do today to move forward tomorrow. I’m trying and that’s what matters.

I now present to you Green Lion Crew’s Rough Road Riddim Mega Mix.

“Life is a privilege so don’t lose it”


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