Product Review: Polar Feet Socks

Hi everyone!

So…socks. I can wear socks everyday now without an issue. There was a time where socks were very difficult to get on, and my foot only wanted to be wrapped in a blanket…

A blanket with no creases in it, and folded perfectly so my foot was cushioned but not too soft because that could make me react in a weird way. Thank dog those times are over. I am so grateful to have progressed past that point.

My feet are always cold. I never had warm feet, I was always that person that could destroy your morning in bed with a badly placed cold foot. My left foot is even colder now. Sometimes I can be wearing fleece socks, a fleece slipper, with my duvet on top and my foot is still cold.

I discovered Polar FeetĀ socks at random one day. I’ve worn them nearly every day for 2 years now.

Smooth socks are ideal, but they are very thin and I need more warmth. These socks have a double sewn seam running down both sides, along the toes, and on the heel, but I managed to get used to it. If seams are an issue for you and your feet, I don’t think these will work for you. I roll my socks down on my left foot so that they only go up to my ankle, they hold their shape pretty well when folded down like that.

My foot sweats even when it’s dead cold so unfortunately these fleece socks can get wet, and then they stay wet. They seem to dry pretty easily once removed so I just have two pairs out always.

These socks work for me, hopefully my comments can help you figure out if they will work for you! I will update this once I venture into their slipper inventory…

Polar Feet


Also, are these the most Canadian socks ever or what? Over the knee lumberjacks. Brilliant.


canadian ass socks 2

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. I will not receive compensation, promotional items, or anything else in exchange for this post. I just like their socks, man.

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