Progress Maybe?

Hello, everyone!

I am happy to report after waiting for many months, that I have been accepted into a multidisciplinary pain program! My first assessment with a doctor is in November, so I hope to be making a solid rehab plan soon.

The timing for this seems to be great, as I have been pretty down lately. I am constantly doing anything in my power to rehab myself. However, without pain control I have really hit a wall. I was nearly in a wheelchair around Christmas, and now I use a cane most of the time. I still need to use a wheelchair sometimes, but it is not my main mobility aid. I could barely put my foot down months ago, and now I walk with that foot all the time. I have made progress by myself, but it has plateaued.

I am still feeling very unsure about the future, but what else is new? This is just a short update because I feel like I have been pretty quiet lately. Also there was a flu and hospital incident, yay!

Hope everyone has a low pain day.

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