Music Therapy Samples: The Mezzanine Show 006

Hey everyone!

One of the sounds that still seems to cause me issues is scratching. That is terribly sad to me and something I am working on since I love hip hop dearly. I still have to turn off music sometimes because my pain reacts to the sounds. Luckily I have come quite a long way with this, and hopefully hip hop won’t set off pain for me soon. (If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, check out How CRPS Made Me Quit Listening to Music.)

Here we have 100 minutes of hip hop-flavoured goodness. It’s got everything, from grimier beats to rnb flavour to political hip hop with knowledge dropped to funk throwbacks. Fucking awesome.

Without further ado, The Mezzanine Show 006- Insert Some Form of Wordplay Here.

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