Music Therapy Samples: Taal Mala @ Basscoast 2017

Happy New Year, everybody!

Today’s music therapy sample is from Taal Mala, and he can put on a real show. He’s been described as “one of Vancouver’s bass music heroes,” and that’s about right.

This is his set from Basscoast, a phenomenal display of music, art, and performance held annually in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Basscoast is famous for its intimate community vibe, inclusivity, and the world-class talent they attract. Also, it was founded by two bad ass women (Andrea Graham, and Liz Thomson) so I thought that should be mentioned. Hopefully I can go to this one day! They do have an accessibility initiative, so theoretically it is possible once I can handle the massive bass vibrations…goals.

Taal Mala throws an old favourite of mine down here, Go Hard by Wayne Marshall, Vybz Cartel, and Damien Marley. This whole mix makes me excited, and gives me happy flashbacks of a different time when I would be dancing to this. Grinding to this, doing a dutty wine to this. Once again, goals.

Before more random thoughts pop into my head, here is Taal Mala’s Live at Basscoast 2017 set.


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