Music Therapy Samples: Rankin’s Records

Hi everyone!

Today’s music therapy sample is from High Rankin. He has many radio shows including Rankin’s Records, Rankin and Friends, and my new favourite tongue-in-cheek morning show, Coffee And Memes.

In this show, High Rankin chats as he plays absolute bangers from his collection. A personal favourite, Dillinja‘s This Is A Warning, starts at 33:34. Honestly, this whole show is incredible so you can’t go wrong with any of the tracks played.

Listening to thumpy music like drum n bass can be really rough, but I still love it. I’ll just say that dnb is more likely to add to my pain versus something calm with less bass (essentially nearly all other genres of music). This makes dnb ideal for desensitization therapy, since sound and vibrations are pain triggers. It’s interesting that what makes it painful and difficult also makes it ideal for progress. I’m grateful that I can actually listen to music again because I couldn’t for a long time, but yes, CRPS is weird.

I present to you, Rankin’s Records 009 – Tape Packs and Bong Mix.


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