New Goals

Hi, everyone.

I’m moving forward in my quest to return to my previous life and abilities. So I have some new goals to go along with that. It’s best if I mark them down somewhere, and if I put them out here publicly, maybe it will help somehow.

I want to be able to wear leggings. It will help with warmth, wind control, and other aspects of everyday life that cause me strife. Currently I can only really tolerate heavy sweatpants.

I want to be able to walk around Ryan Campground in Joshua Tree National park, where I took my first steps.

I want to be able to drive again without feeling like my pain impedes my focus. Driving for a simple task would suffice. E.g. picking up milk from a close store.

I want to be able to babysit my friend’s kids. That’s more long-term, but I have to start somewhere.

Goals are best when they are specific, attainable, and achievable. These are pretty general, but I think it’s still in that realm. So let’s see if I can get these goals accomplished by February 1st, 2019. Babysitting is more long-term, so I won’t put a date on that one yet.


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