Music Therapy Samples: Wax Motif

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed a lot of my music therapy samples are bass-heavy. This is the music I loved before, and the music I love now. Would it be easier if I listened to different genres? Yeah, maybe. But the memories I have associated with electronic music eclipses any extra pain I get from going bass-heavy.

CRPS is weird. So fucking weird. So music has become one of my methods to deal with it. Music helps me mentally, it makes me happier and feel more alive. Music is also a way to work towards my goals of living my old life again. Since sounds bother me, I use music as part of my desensitization therapy. The bass vibrations that would be produced at a live show is a whole other story, and this is just one of the steps to eventually get back there.

MTA show 2010

I think this picture captures my pure happiness and enthusiasm when dancing at a great show. This was from Mat The Alien at the Hifi during the summer of 2010. I must get back. I have to get back. I will get back.

I present to you, Wax Motif’s All My Friends Music Festival set.


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