CRPS – A Patient Perspective

Hi everyone,

I believe I shared this when it came out but I’m not sure what platform it was!

Fred is an Australian man living with CRPS who wants to spread awareness to the world. In his video series “CRPS – A Patients Perspective,” Fred interviews people from around the world to create a greater understanding of the vast array of experiences that CRPS creates. Fred invited me on for an interview to talk about my life. Here are the links to Fred’s 5-part series.






Thank you for all your work, Fred. Thank you to all of my peers in the video as well, whether we’ve talked or met it doesn’t matter because we’re in this together. Not everyone can talk about this. People shouldn’t be expected to lay out their personal life just so the world can understand. I’m grateful that there are people who are willing to put themselves out there. On a personal note, when I am more open about what I’m going through it does help me to process and try to move forward. A thank you as well to everyone who supports people who are living with CRPS. I am so grateful to my incredibly stacked support team. If you are living with CRPS, or just living in general I hope that you have people in your corner as well.

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