In Response to Losing Anthony Bourdain

Hi there,

Anthony Bourdain was a lot of people’s favourite person. He introduced a lot of wonderful ideas to this world, and I really appreciate him for it. The world’s loss of good old Uncle Tony has brought out a lot of emotions for many people, but it’s also helped continue an important conversation…

***CONTENT WARNING: Suicide***

I used to think that suicide just passed a person’s pain on to someone else. I used to think of the pain as transferred instead of ended. I have a different perspective now because of my health. Suicide happens. It happens to smart, successful, seemingly happy people. It happens to people who have been beat down by their own physical and/or mental health. It happens to fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, mentors, students, adults, kids, teenagers. It’s really easy to just say, “if you feel this way seek help,” but some holes are so deep even a glint of light is rare. That deep, dark pit is a reality for many people.

Take care of yourself, and your loved ones the best you can. I like to think we’re all capable of more patience and more compassion. I like to think that life gets better and having a future is something to be grateful for. But life happens, darkness happens and sometimes the future is eclipsed by the present.

I’m truly sorry if you have ever lost anybody to suicide. I’m sorry if you have ever struggled with suicide. I’m sorry if you are struggling with suicide. I truly hope more love, support, and health resources can prevent more suicide. Let’s just all do our best.

I love you all.

If you need help and are struggling with suicide:

Canada: Suicide Prevention Canada Local Crisis Centres Directory

USA: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

UK: NHS Suicide Help

Australia: Lifeline Australia

Europe: International Association for Suicide Prevention Crisis Centre Directory.

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