Conspiracy: CRPS in The Princess & the Pea

Hi everyone,

You may have seen a meme recently that has a man sitting at a typical university information table with a statement and “change my mind” on it. Well, for me it looks like this:


Let me go through my logic with you…

Apparently in that time, most or all princesses had extreme body sensivity. Is this Hans Christian Anderson myth based in truth? Was there a family with some princesses who perpetuated this idea and it turned into the fairy tale? Perhaps a family full of sensitive women was really a code for women with legitimate health issues. Something like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I think the princess from The Princess and the Pea had CRPS. Even the slightest wrinkle on my sheets can drive me nuts. So a pea under my mattress I’m sure I would feel. This princess was so sensitive that she had dozens of mattresses and she could still feel the pea. Allodynia much?

The princess couldn’t sleep because she was so deeply uncomfortable…yeah, that sounds familiar. In the original story, it was said that only a true princess would pass the test. So like the issue with hemophilia in royal families, perhaps these true princesses were just of similar genetic descent and all had some sort of predisposition to sensitivity. Could this be why the princess in this story has to be so pampered? Because she actually can’t physically handle the normal life?

So many questions…Or maybe the princess was just spoiled and a shitty guest.


Disclaimer: This is basically my version of a conspiracy theory. It makes me giggle, and it’s believable. That’s some great content right there.

One thought on “Conspiracy: CRPS in The Princess & the Pea

  1. I had never thought of that before! That was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. We miss you lots (and so do the puppies). Sorry I couldn’t be at the last meeting because of a Dance Show but text me so we can have another tea time :))


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