For the love of Dog(s)

Hi everyone!

Be prepared for all the cute you are about to experience…

Dogs are a huge part of my life. I am a self-proclaimed dog nut. For good reason, because dogs are amazing creatures that can help, heal, love (and also harass). For a bit of dog appreciation, please enjoy some pictures of my dogs, past and present. They are mostly harassing me for food or a ball in these photos.

Zack, the big boy Cocker Spaniel. Zack used to pose for photos. Zack is the only one in these photos that was posing without promise of a reward, although he would have taken a reward no problem. He also used to fake a limp to go eat garbage, and bark for his food to be rearranged in his dish because apparently it wasn’t to his liking, even though he never turned down food in his life. Zack lived a wild life, he traveled all over the southwest United States, and western Canada. As you may suspect, Zack is one of our past dogs. What a brilliant old boy he was.

The current fluffers are Molly, and Mr. Magoo. Molly is another spaniel who we got for Zack when he became old and jaded about life. She has a lot of fears, but also a lot of love to give. Molly is a top class snuggler. She was quite depressed after Zack died, and it took her a while to get over her first husband dying. Yes, we had not only one dog wedding, but two. I told you, I’m a dog nut.

Mr. Magoo was a Kijiji dog who we got for Molly, who really needed a partner. Mr. Magoo is seriously delightful, and loves everyone, every dog, everything. He’s super vocal and loves to talk to people…aka bark. We believe he’s some type of super mutt, but definitely terrier-heavy. Many people he meets say with certainty that he is part Westie, I guess many people had those dogs growing up.

Dog are lovely, dogs are amazing. Dogs can be incredible examples on how to heal and get through trauma. It is amazing what a dog can go through, and with some love and care they can come back out of the harshest abuse and conditions. Every time I read a story about a dog’s rehabilitation I am astounded at how they can move forward, even the dogs coming from years of brutal abuse, and neglect.

Ok, no more words. For the love of Dog, here are the photos already!





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