Awesome CIB Holiday GIVEAWAY

Hi, everybody!

I joined a network this year, Chronic Illness Bloggers (CIB). The network is for bloggers focused on chronic illness, with 380 bloggers a part of it currently. There are many different chronic illnesses discussed, with many different ideas and viewpoints from wonderful, real people! For someone like me with a rare disease- CRPS, different blogs and community posts have really helped and continue to help me get a handle on things. It really is a community, and the camaraderie is inspiring…

I blog because it is an easy way to keep people updated, discuss ideas, and is a good outlet for me. It is also a really great outlet for me creatively right now, just to write stuff and know that some people are looking at it. I aim to blog a couple times a month, trying not to feel guilty when I have other things going on and miss a few weeks.

Now, to the awesome and juicy stuff- the GIVEAWAY! CIB is doing a massive giveaway for the holidays, so check out what they are giving away. This giveaway runs from November 21st- December 3rd 2016, with (11) prize packs balues from $400-$600 each! Please note that (2) of the prize packs are for U.S.A. residents only. The giveaway is powered by Rafflecopter. Click the link below to see a full list of Terms & Conditions, as well as the FULL list of prize packs!

For example, Prize Pack 6 includes:

+ 1 Oska Pulse donated by

+ 6 Pack of H-Factor Water donated by H-Factor Water

+ Self-Love 101 e-book (digital) donated by

+ Ravyn’s Doll book signed donated by Melissa Swanson

+ Smoothie Jumpstart Course from Sue Ingbretson

+ Unlocking Lyme by Dr. Bill Rawls donated by

+ Pattern (your choice of selection) from Bridgewater Crafts

+ Complementary & Alternative Therapies for Pain, Your Guide to Over 50 treatments for pain relief by Barbara McLullich



*This giveaway is sponsored by Chronic Illness Bloggers. Prizes have been donated by the following:

Alisha Nurse –

Aromafloria -

BackPainBlogUK –

Bridgwater Crafts -

BeingFibroMom –

Broken Teepee –

Chronically Content –

Chronic Mom Life -

ColitisNinja –

The Fay Farm –

Fed Up with Fatigue –

FibroCane –

Fresh Assist Spray –

Gupta Programme –

HFactorWater -

Kirsten Schulz –

Living Well Today –

Living Grace Blog –

Lupus Chick –

Megan Schartner –

Melissa Swanson –

Mini2z –

Natalie Abbott -

Organic Aromas –

Oska Wellness -

The Pain Free Life –

Patient Playbook –

Perfectly Ambitious Blog –

Posture Pump –

ProHealth –

Rebuilding Wellness –

Strength Flexibility Health EDS -

Sylk USA –

Theraspecs –

Vital Plan –

Holiday Giveaway

You can also visit Chronic Illness Bloggers’ post on it, detailing every prize pack. The link is above. Thanks, and I hope you guys enter and win! Have an awesome day.


Disclaimer: This blog post is SPONSORED. From Wikipedia, Mutum and Wang (2010) define a sponsored blog post as “promoted blog entries or posts that contain links that point to the home page or specific product pages of the website of the sponsor for which the blogger receives compensation in the form of money, products, services or in other ways”. [Mutum, Dilip; Wang, Qing (2010). “Consumer Generated Advertising in Blogs”. In Neal M. Burns; Terry Daugherty; Matthew S. Eastin. Handbook of Research on Digital Media and Advertising: User Generated Content Consumption. 1. IGI Global. pp. 248–261.] This blog post is SPONSORED in the sense that I receive views, and traffic from posting it. I am not being compensated in any other way (e.g. money, products).

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