Dr. S. Weir Mitchell

“Under such torments the temper changes, the most amiable become irritable, the bravest soldier becomes a coward, and the strongest man is scarcely less nervous than the most hysterical girl.”

-from Gunshot Wounds and other injuries of nerves (1864), by Mitchell, S. Weir, Moorehouse, George R., Keen, William W.

I am constantly shocked by people (read: medical professionals who claim to be familiar with the condition) who think CRPS has been described medically only recently. Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell, one of America’s first neurologists, first described the modern CRPS Type II as “causalgia”. He also described CRPS in the critical text Gunshot Wounds and other injuries of nerves, published in 1864 ad co-authored with George Moorehouse, and William Keen. This appears to be the first thorough description in medical texts. Just some food for thought.


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